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Submit complaints regarding services provided to children by state agencies (do not use this link to report allegations of child abuse or neglect).

Report all cases of abuse or neglect directly to DSS by calling 1-888-CARE4US.

Foster Care Review Division

The Division 

The Foster Care Review Division (FCRD) supports the Foster Care Review Board. The FCRD is administered by the S.C. Department of Children's Advocacy and is led by Division Director Lindsey Taylor. The Foster Care Review Board (FCRB) consists of board members throughout the state who are nominated by their local legislative delegations and appointed by the Governor. The Foster Care Review Board reviews the cases of children who are in foster care and makes recommendations to the Family Court regarding permanency for the children who are in foster care. Recommendations may include:  

  • returning the child home or
  • placing the child in another stable, permanent home.

Mission: The mission of the South Carolina Foster Care Review Board is to provide external accountability for the foster care system and to advocate on behalf of children in foster care.

Vision: South Carolina will make child well-being a top priority by assuring safe, permanent families for all children in foster care. 

Citizens from each community are involved in the child and family wellbeing system by participating in case reviews of all children who spend longer than four consecutive months in foster care. The objectives of these reviews are to ensure that permanent plans are being created and implemented for children and families and to promote community awareness about issues which affect positive permanency.

Foster Care Review Board Online Submission

Welcome to the Foster Care Review Board online portal for submission of information to be considered as part of our case review process. We value your input and appreciate your willingness to provide critical information for consideration by our board members.

Below you will find links to our online questionnaires. Please click on the link specific to your role - Parent, Child, Service Provider or Foster Parent. Please remember to complete all fields of the questionnaire. Your information will be securely delivered directly to the Foster Care Review Board and will be provided in a confidential and secure method to those board members and staff who are involved in the review of the specific case for which information is being provided. Again, we thank you for your participation!

Foster Parents' Information Questionnaire 

Child's Information Questionnaire 

Parent's Information Questionnaire

Service Provider's Information Questionnaire

Program History and Information

The South Carolina Foster Care Review Board was created in 1974 by the General Assembly to monitor the progress in achieving permanent placements for children in foster care. The Foster Care Review Board is administered by the S.C. Department of Children's Advocacy. 

South Carolina was the first state to pass a law allowing citizens from each community to become involved in the child welfare system by participating in such case reviews and awareness. The South Carolina Foster Care Review Board is supported by a seven member State Board of Directors. The State Board meets quarterly and is responsible for reviewing and coordinating the activities of the Local Review Boards and making recommendations in an annual report. 

Each of South Carolina's sixteen judicial circuits has at least one Local Review Board. Each Local Review Board is made up of five community volunteers appointed by the Governor. A professional staff person from the Division of Foster Care Review coordinates the monthly review meetings of each local board. There are currently 42 Local Review Boards across the state that conduct semi-annual case reviews. There is at least one Local Review Board in each of the sixteen judicial circuits.

How to Get Involved

Anyone interested in serving on a Local Review Board is urged to contact their local legislative delegation. The South Carolina Foster Care Review Board immediately reports vacancies on local boards to the appropriate legislative delegation by registered mail. The local delegations then recommend placements to the Governor for appointment.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a volunteer with the South Carolina Foster Care Review Board, please contact the Division of Foster Care Review at 803-734-0480 or by mail at 1205 Pendleton Street, Suite 436, Columbia, South Carolina 29201. You can also visit the website at

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